Wooden crates and pallets are used for transporting cargoes across the world. They offer reliability, value for money, durability, as well as potential benefits to the environment.

They are a highly effective way of being able to transport items from one place to another while offering safe transit for your products. Crates and boxes manufactured from wood are excellent containers for both the storage and the shipping of goods.

Australia is a huge country; therefore, its goods transportation infrastructure is extensive. There are large trucking operations as well as the rail system moving across the country. There are large shipping ports that provide access to international markets, and there are also air freight services available across the country and overseas.

For goods in Australia, the major form of transportation is by truck. Wooden packaging can be used in trucks as well as containerised transport. It offers a simple but highly effective solution and is used for lighter weight products as well as a range of heavier items. Industries such as automotive supplies and car parts, wine and alcohol, retail goods, food and beverages, machinery and equipment, chemicals, agriculture, paints and finishes, building products, all utilise wooden shipping products.

Melbourne and Sydney are the two largest cities in Australia, and they have the largest goods transport infrastructure. If you are looking for quality when you want to buy wooden crates in Sydney, Affordable Pallets will offer you the greatest range.

The benefits of wooden crates

Shipping and storage

Wood is able to retain its structure while also being flexible, and it is very durable, meaning it will last. Wooden packaging is a hassle-free solution for most packaging needs. Timber packing cases are suitable to use for shipping and are highly effective for storage as well. If you are using wooden crates, they are very easy to store. The structure of the crates will also enable them to handle a lot of vertical weight, and so they can be stacked effectively. This improves your capacity to utilise your storage space efficiently.


Wooden packaging provides an effective barrier to a range of external impacts that could affect your goods in transit. It is easy to use material that requires limited processing and offers protection from dirt, other crates, dust, moisture, and any loose materials. Because only low-grade timber is needed for most packaging, it helps ensure that the timber is being fully utilised.

This is a natural resource that needs to be managed effectively. This helps to keep the cost of the production of the packaging down as well. Wooden crates and pallets are designed to offer protection to goods during handling and transportation. They also should assist with ensuring the safety of personnel involved in their movement in warehouses and for any land transportation or shipping activity.

Customisation and repairs

Wooden packaging can be customised to meet your needs. If you have specific requirements, your provider would be able to work closely with you to ensure you get the packaging solution you need that offers the best protection and security for your goods. They can be used for shipping a wide variety of items, including those that are an unusual shape or design.

Wooden crates are also able to be reused. They can even be broken down and then used in new wooden packaging. If they are damaged, they can be quickly and easily repaired. Once they are no longer needed, they can be recycled as well.

Delivery and removal

If you are looking for packaging, you should contact a supplier who can provide a range of quality packaging and storage products. These should include pallets, boxes, and crates. They should also be offering you an efficient delivery and removal service so that you will be confident of receiving your order on time and in good condition, and you will also be able to have the packaging removed from your premises if you need this.

Working with your wooden crates supplier

If you are looking to buy wooden crates in Sydney or Melbourne, or any of the other major cities in Australia, there are wooden crate suppliers who will be able to provide you with quality solutions. When you are making contact with the supplier, it is valuable to have a clear understanding of what you need the packaging for. By being able to clearly inform your supplier what your needs are, you will ensure that they can work closely with you to achieve the best outcome.

Know what materials are being used

There are a number of elements to the construction of wooden pallets and crates. Talk to your supplier about their manufacturing processes, where they source their timber from if they have experience in producing packaging for operations similar to yours, and what are their processes for repairing, re-purposing, and recycling timber packaging materials. Making sure that suitable quality materials and items are used in the construction of your packaging ensures that you can be confident of your goods reaching their destination in the best possible condition and meeting the expectations of your clients.

In Australia, the use of timber is highly efficient. There are often softwoods used for lighter items and hardwoods are only used for heavier cargo.

The design of wooden packaging

The design of wooden packaging has been through some development to make them stronger and secure. This is advantageous to any shipper, and while they are even more efficient and effective, they are still fundamentally very straightforward in style and structure. The simplicity of the design of wooden crates minimises the amount of manufacturing work involved, helping to reduce the cost. Another benefit of wooden packaging is that it is easy to adjust or adapt the size and design of the packaging to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Choose quality packaging

It is important to choose quality packaging. Try to buy wooden crates Sydney businesses know they can trust. There are still some manufacturers who may cut corners to try to boost profits or who use products sourced from overseas that may not have been scrutinised to the same level of quality control. When it comes to the manufacture of your wooden packaging, it is important to avoid low quality as this not only shortens the life of your packaging but could potentially cause problems during transportation. Check to make sure that your manufacturer is using quality timber, as well as fasteners that will survive the loading and unloading activity.

Their strength is ideal for storage

Wooden pallets are able to withstand a lot of downward pressure. If you stack your goods appropriately on top of your pallet, they will be very stable and can be stored for long periods if necessary. This makes them ideal for longer voyages in shipping containers.

The other benefit for shipping is that wooden containers and pallets usually have a rough finish that improves their traction and reduces the likelihood of their moving or shifting during shipping. Wooden crates can be stacked on top of each other making them ideal for storage.

Wooden packaging is very suitable for items that have a non-standard shape. The packaging not only offers protection to the items but also provides a good clean standard shaped structure, making it easier to stack and store them or to load and transport these types of items.

What you should look for in a supplier


When choosing your supplier, take time to research their background. You need to know if they have experience that is related to designing and manufacturing the shipping products that you need.


A reputable and trustworthy manufacturer should offer you a guarantee on any product they sell. You need to be confident that the guarantee will be met if something goes wrong and that they have an effective customer support process in place to deal with this.

Customer service

The quality of their customer service, their ability to communicate clearly with you, and access to their customer support team are all elements that show they are focused on making sure you get the best possible service. If you need help in selecting the best product for your requirements or you have any questions about the materials they use in their manufacturing process, then they should be very willing to help you and provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.


You should not be paying more for a product than you need to. There needs to be a balance between quality and price and the materials used will have an influence on this. A quality manufacturer will be able to help you to understand the variations of quality and price. In addition, by making a price comparison between different suppliers, you will be able to help yourself to make a choice and achieve the best outcome for your products.

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