Wooden Boxes and Crates for Effective Storage

Protecting the goods that need to be shipped is vital for every logistics and shipping provider. That is one of the reasons why pallets are used. At Affordable Pallets, apart from selling top of the line pallets made from timber and plastic, we also sell an extensive variety of wooden crates and wooden boxes. With over 20 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, we ensure that all of your needs are met. Our multi-purpose wooden crates and wooden boxes are designed to keep your products safe and sound during the shipping process.

Top of the Line Protection

The wooden boxes that we sell are available in any size our customers request. All wooden crates and boxes keep the highest manufacturing standards in mind. The timber boxes are resilient and keep your products safe and sound during shipping. They offer maximum protection not just against the weather, but also minimise damage from impacts. We can line the boxes with water resistant materials and packaging, if required.

The Leading Supplier of Wooden Boxes and Crates

Being one of the leading suppliers of wooden crates and boxes in Sydney, we cater to the demands of many clients throughout Newcastle, Wollongong, and Sydney. If you need to buy wooden crates, look no further than Affordable Pallets. Our experience and premium service make us stand out in our industry.

Leading Supplier

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