A cost-effective alternative to traditional timber shipping pallets, our plastic pallets make a great solution for air transport and shipping. Plastic pallets have no quarantine requirements like wood pallets, meaning airfreight shipping costs and hassles are reduced. They are also the preferred shipping pallets for the transportation of food, thanks to their hygienic characteristics and durability. Whatever products you are shipping anywhere in the world, our team can help determine the right export-ready pallets for your needs.

An Advantageous Choice

In addition to being lightweight and convenient, our selection of plastic pallets in Sydney are extremely durable option for companies which are looking for sustainable solutions. They also offer advantages over other alternatives such as being made with recyclable and reusable plastic, free of splinters and nails, and being resistant to water. These characteristics, coupled with their long life cycle and cost effectiveness, make plastic pallets a popular choice from light to heavy-duty applications.

Cost-Effective Used Plastic Pallets Across Sydney

Plastic can be a comparatively expensive option if you compare it with the standard wooden pallets. However, at Affordable Pallets, we provide a wide range of used plastic pallets that are resilient and in usable condition for shipping and other warehousing activities.

Sourced from some of the reliable local companies, the old and worn-out pallets are taken to our workshop facility. Our knowledgeable and skilled specialists will do minor repairs, if needed, and thorough examination of the second-hand pallets  before putting them for sale.

Add value to your business  and save extra bucks with disposed of pallets that are reconditioned to meet your requirements for frequent local and international trade practices.

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Affordable Pallets can recommend the most convenient and cost-effective plastic pallets solutions for your requirements. No order is too big or small for us as we have a dedicated team focused to provide high-quality pallets for your business requirements.

We can organise quick delivery to help you get your project underway as quickly as possible. We deliver plastic pallets throughout Sydney and accept orders from across Australia provided our customers arrange for a pick up.

Do let us know of your requirements so that we can expedite delivery of pallets at your convenience!

Plastic Pallets

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