Timber Docked to Length—Wood Cut to Size

Many of our clients require timber materials that are cut to specific sizes. In order to meet the rising demands of our customers, we provide a timber docking service. The timber, when cut into separate sizes, can be used for a variety of different purposes. Here are just some of the different purposes for which custom-cut timber can be used.

Our Products

  • Wood Cut to Size

    The timber docked to length can be used for a range of different purposes as per the needs of our clients.
  • Scalloped Tops

    The custom made scalloped tops are designed to prevent large pipes from rolling off of trucks during transit.
  • Cable Reels

    We custom make these for storing and transporting cables.
  • Gluts

    The custom cut wooden gluts are an excellent choice for packing and spacing loads to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout.
  • Dunnage

    We also provide timber that can be docked specifically to the length you provide, to be used as dunnage.
  • Truck Trays

    We also supply bearers that are cut-to-size for hard-lining truck trays.
  • Grooved Timbers

    Grooved timbers stop strapping slipping and can be cut to any specified length, as per the requirements of our client.

The Ultimate Source of Custom Wood Cuts

If you want any kind of wood cut to size, we can help you out. At Affordable Pallets, we provide a tailored service to clients based on their specifications. Just give us a call, or contact us through the website to organise for your timber to be docked to length.