Premium Quality New Pallets

As a manufacturer and supplier of high quality wooden shipping pallets, we are a trusted source for shipping and storage products across Sydney and greater Australia. Our products are available in several standard sizes and can be custom ordered to meet specific size requirements.

In addition to our wooden shipping and storage products, we also supply a wide range of plastic pallets Sydney-wide. Plastic can be a cost effective alternative to timber for goods being transported via airfreight. Lighter weights and no quarantine requirements may make plastic the preferred choice for international shipping.


We manufacture and sell a wide range of goods to ensure our customers get exactly the right product for their requirements.

  • Standard wooden pallets
  • Export and shipping pallets
  • Customised products
  • Plastic pallets


Get in touch with us and allow our expert team to recommend the most suitable product for your needs. Our experience and industry knowledge will ensure that you get the most appropriate and cost-effective product for your shipping or storage requirements.