Heat Treated Pallets and Boxes

We have the certification needed to sell treated woods in accordance with the requirements set by the ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Publication 15). These standards state that all wooden materials, that are used for shipping and packaging, need to be treated accordingly in order to prevent the unintentional transfer of insects during international shipping. This is a requirement that needs to be followed by importers and exporters, especially when using wooden boxes, crates, or pallets

Heat Treated Pallets

At Affordable pallets, we sell top of the line heat treated pallets at the most affordable prices. We guarantee that all of the products are certified and properly treated. The ISPM 15 is applicable when shipping goods between countries. Most countries adopt these measures to ensure that the shipping products meet international standards, and comply with exporting and importing requirements. of ISPM15.

Equipped to Handle All Kinds of Jobs

If you are an exporter or importer, wishing to use heat treated pallets, you have come to the right place. We guarantee that all of the goods will be delivered to you at the best rates possible. You can browse through our website in order to find the array of different kinds of pallets that we sell. We ensure that all of the products are treated according to international standards. If you want, we can also create custom pallets that are heat treated.

Specialist Provider of Heat Treated Pallets

Contact us today for a quote regarding the services that we offer. Apart from selling pallets that have been properly heat treated, we also sell an extensive variety of wooden crates and boxes to customers all over Sydney.