Shipping Crates, Wooden Pallets in Sydney and So Much More

Pallets form the foundation of the storage industry. They are placed at the base when stacking up goods, and this serves as a solid foundation for lifting heavy loads using a forklift, and for stacking goods. Today, pallets are widely used for a variety of different purposes. At Affordable Pallets, we make transportation as easy as possible by providing high quality, affordable pallets in a range of different sizes. Given the fact that they are used for moving virtually all kinds of goods, we provide durable, high quality storage solutions that can be used for commercial purposes, domestic use, by importers, logistic companies and more.

A Solution for Every Shipping Problem

Whether you require shipping crates or wooden shipping pallets, we have got you covered. At Affordable Pallets, we will help you ship your goods in an affordable, safe, and secure manner. Some of the products and services that we offer to our valued customers include:

  • New and used boxes and crates
  • Products with custom or standardised sizes
  • Crate repairs
  • Durable solutions for international export
  • Shipping crates
  • Packing service for safely transporting your goods
  • Wooden boxes and crates

Apart from selling brand new pallets, crates, and wooden boxes to our customers, we also have an extensive variety of second-hand plastic and wooden pallets in Sydney. We also have a delivery system through which we can send you the pallets to Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Sydney. Our products are available for purchase all throughout Australia, but you will have to arrange your own transport.

Your Main Source of Wooden Pallets in Sydney

If you want pallets, or any other shipping goods like wooden crates or boxes, we will be more than happy to assist you. Just give us a call for a tailored quote, or browse through our website to see all of the products that we have to offer.